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Job Title Name
Chairman Peter Carr
Chief Executive James Dodds
Director of Postal Policy Stephen Harris
Director of Administration Mike Vardy
Complaints Manager Coral Crawford
Complaints Manager Saul Harris
Complaints Officer Barry Gale
Complaints Officer Azu Amenechi
Complaints Officer Amanda Walker
Management Unit Liaison Officer Charles Ikem
Personal Secretary To The Chairman Irene Ball
Network Administrator Martha Joseph

Country Councils

The Post Office Act made provision for the establishment, with similar terms of reference, of separate Post Office User's Councils (POUCS) or Country Councils for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The Country Councils whose Chairman are also POUNC members, deal with complaints and postal issues in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and have responsibility for their own Post Office Advisory Committees.

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Post Office Users' Council For Scotland

2 Greenside Lane

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Post Office Users' Council For Wales

Caradog House (First Floor)
St Andrews Place

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Post Office Users' Council For N.Ireland

7th Floor, Chamber Of Commerce House
22 Great Victoria Street

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Post Office Advisory Committees

There is also an extensive network of Post Office Advisory Committee's (POACs). These are locally based committee's that represent the views of users of postal services at the local level. They are not statutory bodies but they are provided for in statute.

For information on any POAC, or to find out where your local POAC is please contact POUNC on

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